Time to visit one of the most beautiful cities in the world, awarded as European City of Culture in year 2000. Prague combines a huge cultural and architectural history shaped a.o. by Charles IV and many artists.

At the heart of the city, you’ll find the PYTLOUN BOUTIQUE HOTEL, on the marvelous 14th Century Wenceslass Square. Founded in year 2003, this classy 4-star hotel is characterized by a distinctive design interior that has been revamped recently.

The 56 rooms of the hotel show a modern design with NOËL & MARQUET mouldings and design elements that finely highlight the cosy and charming atmosphere of the hotel. The interior architect played particularly well with the subtle ornaments of NOËL & MARQUET chair rails and wall frames to magnify this atmosphere.

But the central masterpiece of this hotel is also its lobby bar. The deep blue NOËL & MARQUET wall frames give a lot of space and prominence to this design bar. The shapes of the mouldings come elegantly into harmony with the curves and the pattern structure of the bar.

Another unique space where NOËL & MARQUET interior decoration is magnified with colour.

If you go to Prague, the PYTLOUND BOUTIQUE HOTEL is worth a visit:

Design Made with NOËL & MARQUET

Architect: Vrtiška&Žák – architekture product studio
Photographer: Lukáš Pelech

Photo credits: NMC S.A.

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