L4 ARSTYL® Cornices

A simplistic and symmetrical design adds dimension to a room. As a LED direct lighting source, the L4 ARSTYL® provides a functional light fixture. The geometric shape of the L4 functional profile lends itself to modern interiors, such as living rooms, offices or bars. This profile can conceal pipes, tubes and wiring for a clean finish.

78,40 € / pc

Product information

  • Dimensions 100 x 100 x 2000 mm
    • Packaging unit 22 m/box
    • SAP 3016328
    • EAN 5412938524001
    • Product type Cornices, Functional profiles, Lighting profiles
    • Also for direct lighting Also for direct lighting
    • Polyurethane Polyurethane
    • Primed, ready for painting Primed, ready for painting

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