FL2 WALLSTYL® Skirtings

Technical drawing

35,64 € / Piece

The FL2 WALLSTYL® skirting provides a smooth and polished transition between wall and floor, adding the finishing touch to an interior. Subtle detail allows the FL2 skirting to blend seamlessly with a variety of interior styles. 

The FL2 WALLSTYL® skirting is available in our flex range (FL2 FLEX WALLSTYL® ), which moulds to the shape of your walls.

Advantages of FL2 WALLSTYL® skirting:

  • Waterproof and humidity resistant
  • Impact resistant and durable
  • Lightweight material
  • Simple installation
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Design also available in other sizes (FL1, FL17)

Thanks to the nature of high density polystyrene, the mouldings are lightweight and easy to cut. Installing the FL2 is quick and accurate, with a high finishing standard.

The FL2 skirting arrives primed and ready for a final coat or can be order factory finished in many RAL or NCS colours (for orders over 1000 linear metres).

Product information

  • Dimensions 120 x 15 x 2000 mm
  • Packaging unit 26 m/box
  • SAP 3013706
  • EAN 5412938518864
  • Product type Skirtings
  • 100% waterproof 100% waterproof
  • Shock resistant Shock resistant
  • Fully recyclable Fully recyclable
  • Primed and paintable Primed and paintable
  • For indoor use For indoor use
  • Dimensionally stable Dimensionally stable
  • Ideal for concealing cables Ideal for concealing cables

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