At home with Jennifer Paro

Project description

Jennifer Paro has her very own interior design style. A little bit of Scandi, a hint of Boho and a lot of Nordic inspiration. That’s just the way her followers know and like her. A remarkable 140,000 people follow Jenny, her cat Toulouse, their young son and her husband on Instagram (@jennifer.paro).

Since moving from Düsseldorf to Mülheim, the young family has been living in a beautiful flat in an old building. It was still a little bare when they first moved in, but as soon as they had the decoration profiles from NOËL & MARQUET put up on the walls, they turned into a true dream home. We paid Jenny a little visit in her new home, check out the room tour video to have a look at her stunning interior!

Living room: wall design instead of pictures

The living room, together with the dining room, form a large living area, separated by an antique wooden sliding door. The central element is the inviting couch, where her cat Toulouse mostly lounges. What makes this room special, however, are the profiles on the wall. With a 30/70 ratio, the Z10 ARSTYL® cornice separates the wall horizontally. Above and below, three pairs of panel mouldings (cornice SP2 ARSTYL®) complete the harmonious and timeless look, which is then perfected by an oversized mirror.

Dining room: a space to unwind

The trademark panel moulding pattern on the wall continues in the dining room. Here, however, Jenny brings in a few stylish framed prints that make the communal dining area look a little more playful and open. Plants are also very important to Jenny. Here, it is a strelitzia that has been cleverly placed, which gives the whole room an extra natural look.

Bedroom: a cosy refuge

Looking at these various living spaces, you can very well understand why people love Jenny’s style so much: she is able to conjure fabulous room ambiances with very little effort and very well-measured stylistic means. The bedroom is just as charming as the rest of the flat.  The floorboards, the bed, the trendy quilt and finally, the chair rails on the wall – everything fits perfectly together shaping a unique atmosphere.

Products used

Jenny incorporated two classic chair rails from NOËL & MARQUET. The two products harmonise perfectly and do not compete with each other.

SP2 ARSTYL® chair rail (for the panel mouldings)

By combining crisp lines with a rounded profile, the SP2 ARSTYL® plays on the preconceptions of modern design. A simplistic shape ensures it works with all decor styles, including contemporary environments.

Dimensions: 22 x 9 x 2000 mm

Z10 ARSTYL® chair rail (placed horizontally to devide the wall in two)

The linear design of the Z10 ARSTYL® chair rail is versatile and sophisticated. Its classic character ensures it’s adaptability to all environments, including grand and highly detailed decors.

Dimensions: 38 x 18 x 2000 mm

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