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Berlin: the place to be

There are few other cities so full of life as Berlin. There’s something to discover at every corner, with often inconspicuous facades hiding the most beautiful locations. And Berlin’s multicultural spirit and nonchalance incited Kathrin Limburg to come here. “What I like most about Berlin is that everyone is allowed to be who they want.” Here in Berlin, the founder of Gebrüder Fritz Location has turned her passion for apartments in old buildings into her profession.

For special events and shootings 

There are two Gebrüder Fritz locations in Berlin: the Gebrüder Fritz in Berlin-Charlottenburg and the Carl Fritz in Berlin-Mitte. Their individually furnished rooms are used for marketing events and workshops with a unique flair. Due to their special charm, they are also often used by advertising agencies as shooting locations for product photos, campaigns or even films. Like us, well-known brands such as Adidas, Catrice Cosmetics and Moët Chandon have fallen in love with the location, relocating their shootings and events to this dream setting.

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Constant reinvention

That’s the motto of these stylish premises. Again and again, renovation is a creative challenge which marketing communications manager Kathrin Limburg is happy to take on. Never having studied design, all her decisions for the design of the rooms are gut decisions. To ensure that the location constantly offers new visual impulses, it is redesigned at the end of every year. “But there are some rooms I love so much, they sometimes remain unchanged”, Kathrin revealed to us.

To make her visions come true, she has Dörte Krüger-Mähl at her side, an experienced master decorator with many years of experience in the field of interior design and also very familiar with our design elements. “Here at Gebrüder Fritz, we’re responsible for the redesign”, she told us. Again and again, her feel for colours and combining matching panels and skirting boards help to give the rooms a completely new look.

NOËL & MARQUET skirting boards and mouldings are to be found in all rooms in both locations. It’s always great to see how the different mouldings manage to completely transform a room. This is especially noticeable in the newer Carl Fritz, freshly renovated for the first time: “People who know the premises as they used to be sometimes think they’re on a different floor, all because of the completely new look”, Kathrin proudly told us.

One thing is certain: These locations offer great interior design inspiration, with the charm of an old building coinciding with contemporary chic. The elegant wall design and exquisite floors of the showrooms offer a great contrast to the modern furniture as well as trendy decorative accessories, giving creative space to ideas, wishes and visions. Whether large events, stylish private occasions, innovative workshops or film and photo shootings of a special kind, Gebrüder Fritz and Carl Fritz offer the right setting for every occasion.

“When anyone asks me, I always say: Invest in walls and floors because then it doesn’t matter what you put in. Even if you only put in a little, it will look great. Walls are like people: they like to be dressed well.” – Kathrin Limburg

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