Red Stone 7 – fashion boutique

Fashion runs in the family

Anique Heuer has fulfilled a dream with her fashion boutique in the centre of Eupen (BE). ARSTYL® WALL PANELS by NOËL & MARQUET in FLOWER design adorn the wall behind her sales counter and not only put a smile on her face.

“Fashion has always been my passion,” says Anique Heuer. She started selling within her own four walls, with two changing rooms and a sales room.

“I grew up in a family of fashion enthusiasts. My grandma had a fashion store, as did my mother and cousins.” It runs in her blood. “It’s always been my dream.”

A boutique in the heart of the city

In 2018, Anique fulfilled her dream by opening a boutique in the heart of the city of Eupen. She left nothing to chance, planning and putting in place the furnishings and decorations with great attention to detail. When looking for a special eye-catcher for the interior design, she chose the design elements from NOËL & MARQUET and opted for ARSTYL® wall panels in the FLOWER design.

More info about FLOWER ARSTYL®

Fashion meets room design

The Belgian designer and interior architect Michaël Bihain has created the FLOWER ARSTYL® for NOËL & MARQUET in addition to some other extraordinary wall panels. The 3-dimensional surface impressively sets the scene for both light and shadow. The elements can be used individually as a visual highlight or, in combination with other panels, form entire room concepts to achieve interesting visual effects.

Anique opted for an entire wall in the FLOWER design. A good choice, because the floral look enhances the elegant charm of her boutique, expertly drawing attention to the counter. And that not only puts a happy smile on her face – we are also very impressed with her interpretation of our design elements.

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