Renovation of a city apartment with NOËL & MARQUET

Join us on a before and after tour of a renovated city flat. For this project, carefully selected NOËL & MARQUET profiles were installed to breathe new life and character into the interior.
The decorative profiles featured in this project, such as cornices, chair rails and skirtings, are mainly from our classic range, giving life to a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere. Take a look at these before and after galleries and discover the impact decorative profiles can have for yourself.

The entrance hall (and the central connecting space between the different rooms) welcomes you with a new lowered ceiling (to accommodate recessed spotlights). In addition, indirect lighting has been installed using IL2 lighting profiles, giving the entrance area a superb new look. The tall FL17 skirtings add a classic touch and underline the elegance of the high walls. A warm, fresh and welcoming new atmosphere.

In the living room, the main wall is highlighted by timeless Z10 chair rails installed in frames to imitate the classic Haussmannian flair. On the ceiling, Z40 and Z41 cornices have been cleverly combined to emphasise the elegance of the high rooms. FL17 skirtings are also installed in this room, as well as throughout the flat, giving the whole project a sense of unity. The skirtings can even be found in the bathroom, as all NOËL & MARQUET skirtings are perfectly waterproof.

The dining room has been transformed into a luxurious space to welcome guests in style. Baroque-style Z41 cornices have been installed throughout the room, giving it bold, opulent architectural features. This is further enhanced by the R20 floral ceiling rose, an eye-catching statement-piece in the centre of the room. Once again, Z10 chair rails are used to form classic wall frames.

Finally, the bedroom has been afforded a more modern touch thanks to our linear, Scandinavian-inspired CANELÉ S wall panels, which serve here as an elegant headboard.
The decorative profiles from NOËL & MARQUET contribute greatly to the elegance of this city flat and underline the charm of the old building. During the renovation, particular attention was paid to giving each room its own character and distinct architectural features.
Overall, the design elements have not only helped to give the flat a more sophisticated aesthetic but have also transformed a rather average city flat into an attractive, luxurious property.

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