Z1220 ARSTYL® Cornices

The combination of clean lines and a rounded shape ensures the Z1220 ARSTYL® cornice coheres with any interior.

A concave design ensures the coving’s smooth transition between wall and ceiling, even with smaller room heights. Incorporating minimalistic features like the Z1220 Cornice into a space will suit both modern and classic designs. The Z1220 coving can be paired with indirect LED lighting as a warming feature piece.

47,40 € / pc

Product information

  • Dimensions 75 x 50 x 2000 mm
    • Packaging unit 40 m/box
    • SAP 3000618
    • EAN 5412938523752
    • Product style Modern, Timeless
    • Product type Cornices, Lighting profiles
    • Also for indirect lighting Also for indirect lighting
    • Polyurethane Polyurethane
    • Primed, ready for painting Primed, ready for painting

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